All or nothing. Usually nothing.

Am I lazy?

Or am I really too busy to exercise?

It’s hard to know.

Elyse and I started this blog to jumpstart our fitness routines (Elyse’s running and my … whatever).

Since then, Elyse has made steady progress getting ready for the half-marathon she’s running later this month. In fact, she had just finished a 10-miler when I arrived at her  Washington, D.C., home a few weeks ago for weekend visit.

Meanwhile, ole Margaret is not running, not playing tennis, not going to spin classes, not trying Zumba (whatever the hell that is) … not doing all those other things I pledged to do. Plus I eat cake for breakfast.

My brain tells me I have been legitimately busy – consumed with activities that make my life run more efficiently. This last month saw me accomplish more projects at my house than in the last two years combined. I cleaned the attic, rearranged closets, hauled a dozen boxes to Goodwill, made the aforementioned trip to D.C., and worked my usual 2,000 hours a week.

Last night after work, I vacuumed approximately 2 tons of light gray cat hair off the furniture. Wait, the ottoman is brown?

There’s a lesson here (if only I would listen): Three years ago, I rarely went a day without performing some sort of athletic feat – running, tennis, hiking, weight training. And my life was a wreck. Laundry piled. Dishes sat. Drawers overflowed. Yeah, I burned hundreds of calories, but my life was scattered, disorganized.

I’m not lazy. And I’m not any busier than the next guy. Turns out I’m just not good at leading a balanced life.

So my new challenge is to bring symmetry into the fold. That means redirecting my energy, dividing my time. Housework AND exercise. Tossing old clothes AND meeting the running group on Saturday mornings.

It will not be easy. Training for a marathon would be a breeze by comparison (OK, not really, but you get my point). But if lacking balance is the thing standing between me and fitness, then I’d best get to balancing.

Agenda Item One: No more cake for breakfast.



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  1. I love your blog! I am going to show it to my English students in Norwich, UK, to show them what great blogging looks like. Hope that’s OK with you. If not, please let me know, and I won’t! Best wishes, Fran x

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