I’d a took the right road, but I musta took a wrong turn

I’ve figured out where things went wrong. Here’s a link to the map of the half-marathon.

Look at Mile Marker 5, on Montlieu Ave. See how the path turns north, toward High Point University and Mile Marker 6? Well, the volunteer sent us straight instead – toward Mile Marker 11. So we missed that entire loop up College Drive and down Johnson Street.

In the volunteer’s defense: He probably thought we had already gone around loop and were coming through for a second time. The pack I was running with was the slowest of the slow. We were so far behind the others he probably couldn’t imagine that we were JUST THEN starting the loop.

His intentions were certainly well-placed. He was a volunteer, for crying out loud – giving his time away for free. Still, though, it doesn’t change that I’m slightly disappointed.


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  1. You have a great attitude! You missed one of the prettiest parts of the run. High Point University was beautiful. I hate I did not meet you. Did you get a medal? They ran out so I get to return next year for half price! Smile!

  2. Sorry we didn’t cross paths! They gave me a medal, but I turned it in. Didn’t feel right about keeping it!

    Congrats on your run! It was a beautiful course.

  3. If you’re considering another attempt, I recommend the Shamrock half-marathon in Virginia Beach. It is totally flat, and impossible to lose your way. Plus they give you free beer at the end.

  4. DW, I am considering another attempt. One of my friends from D.C. drove down for the race. She’s offered to run the Arlington, Va., half-marathon with me in about 6 weeks. I hear that one is pretty flat … except for the steep hill up to the cemetery.

  5. Margaret, apparently you did not read Mr. Wharton’s post closley enough, so I will help…FREE BEER AT THE END. You are welcome

  6. I’m making some phone calls. That volunteer will never work again in this state, let alone volunteer.

  7. You have a good spirit and congrats to you for spreading it, too! Good for you for understanding the volunteer’s mistake. You still finished. You showed up for the start, and did the very best you could in a situation that just down right SUCKS! And you’re right…damn now you should run another. If you do, I’ll be proud to be a volunteer but no guarantee I’ll do better. I can only promise my best!

  8. After looking at this map, I’m pretty sure you’ll get the attention of the folks that created this course!

  9. Wow, you get a huge gold medal just for being so understanding. Congrats on the run, regardless, and hope you try another soon.

  10. This is AMERICA. Can’t you SUE someone?! No?, well then sign up for another ASAP, and consider this one to be good training. I’d be so pissed…

  11. You should feel great about all your hard work. Besides, this ending makes for a more interesting blog entry and we get six more weeks of your blog to read. Hollywood couldn’t have thought up a better twist. Proud to know you for your effort and attitude. You deserve that medal!

  12. This was my first marathon and the same thing happened to me. I was and still am pretty devastated. I don’t fault the police officer who mis-directed me. The police officers are there to provide us safety not directions. I fault the race organizers. There were not enough volunteers or signs. I had a great 3 1/2 months of training with many great benefits to my health and I wouldn’t trade anything for that. I’m proud of the training but would have loved a happier ending. Good luck to you in whatever you decide to do next. I’m planning to maintain and do some 5 and 10 k’s until next year’s race.

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