With no direction home

Thanks to all who have commented on my great time at the half-marathon Saturday.

Unfortunately, it’s a sham.

What happened? A nice volunteer inadvertently sent a group of us in the wrong direction. We missed a 4-5 mile loop through High Point University and surrounding neighborhoods. We realized this when half-emaciated men, running like they were coming from a fire, started passing us at about mile 12.

I had no idea how to handle the situation. The group I was with – strangers, all – huddled quickly to decide a strategy. We decided to turn around and run BACK to HPU. Approximately 797,000 runners saw me running in the wrong direction – a great way not to draw attention to myself, huh? I’d run about two miles when I stopped, turned around and headed for the finish line. I crossed at 2:27-ish – about 30 minutes before I should have. Based on my usual pace, I figure I ran about 11 miles, but I can’t be certain.

Crap. Looks like I have to run another half-marathon. And finish!


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  1. Well, if you have to stand out in a crowd, that’s a great way to do it.

  2. Either way, I still think you did an amazing job. Congrats, Margaret!

  3. Thanks Robin! Your sister and brother-in-law were awesome! Nate was actually one of the people I saw when I turned around and ran it backwards!

  4. OMG – This could only happen to you!
    I’ll call on the morrow, and you can fill me in.
    See ya’

  5. Dealing with the adversity was a challenge. Sadly, I am glad you were not alone to deal with it. Yes, you have to run again, but now you know you can make it.
    I shared some distance with a marathoner who took the half marathon turnoff by accident and ended up with a 27 mile day. But he seemed to own that in this case it was his mistake.

  6. At least now you know you can do it.

    You rock.

  7. janet hutchins

    Good memory, and a good laugh for future stories. You’ll never forget your first marathon, huh? Next time, get course map before run. LOL

  8. You can do this, Margaret. We’re all 1,000 percent behind you. I’m so proud of all your hard work and so lucky to have you as a dear friend.

  9. That’s a tough pill to swallow. What you have accomplished over the last year, three hours can’t take that away.

  10. Aw, thanks guys. You are all very sweet and supportive and I appreciate it.

  11. If you were wondering how you were going to stay motivated to keep running after Saturday, I guess you got your answer for another month or so at least!

    Seriously, you have a great attititude, when a lot of people would be filled with rage.

    I probably would have sat down in the road and cried.

    This next one is going to be a cake-walk for you.

  12. My heart sank when I heard what happened. But if anyone can bounce back from this, it’s you. And just because this happened doesn’t take away from all of the hard work that you put into it.

    I hope you are still as proud of yourself as we all are of you.

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