Race playlist perfected. Now guess a song.

51 songs on the list.

50 different people/groups (Bob is special and gets 2 songs).

 How it made the list: The song is performed by someone I love, has a killer hook or reminds me of someone special.

One song is “Lucretia MacEvil” by Blood, Sweat and Tears.

One is “It’s Raining Men” by the Weather Girls.

One is “Come On Baby, Let’s Go Downtown” by Neil Young.

Anyone who guesses a song correctly can have something out of my race goody bag.


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  1. I have no clue what a UnitedHealthcare Shoe Wallet is, but I want it.

    “Janie Jones,” by The Clash.

  2. Nope. I took your suggestion (and that one suggestion only) for The Clash.

  3. Well, poo.

    “Real Live Bleeding Fingers And Broken Guitar Strings,” by Lucinda Williams

  4. Side of the Road?

  5. I posted my choices on Facebook dear…..guess I should have put them here?

  6. Cut and paste for ya.

    I’ll Be You” The Replacements
    “Where Is My Mind?” Pixies
    “Sinkhole” Drive-By Truckers”
    “D.M.S.R.” Prince
    “3’s & 7’s” Queens of the Stone Age

  7. Love your blog heading….”The Seventh Seal” is one of my faves. Damn we have good taste.

  8. No, I’ll look, Scott. I’ll mail your winnings to Austin if you’re right, too!!!

    You and bradk9 share the same first name – the only 2 people in the world I know with that name. What are the odds?

  9. We Everettes have to stick together!

  10. Scott’s guesses: “I’ll Be You” The Replacements,
    “Where Is My Mind?” Pixies, “Sinkhole” Drive-By Truckers,” “D.M.S.R.” Prince, “3’s & 7’s” Queens of the Stone Age.

    All incorrect. Sorry, buddy.

  11. I was going to pick something from the Wu-Tang Clan…but was not sure if you were down with the RZA or not. 🙂

  12. Counting Crows – Perfect Blue Buildings
    Will Hoge – Favorite Waste of Time

  13. Changed The Locks, by Lucinda Williams

  14. Nope. Sorry, Alisa. Neither of group/person made the cut.

  15. Gosh, bradk9! You got one!

  16. You didn’t set a limit to the number of guesses I could take.

    Don’t Get Me Wrong, by The Pretenders

  17. Gosh darn!!! How about Bob – Don’t think twice, it’s all right

  18. Bob – You’re a Big Girl Now

  19. Geez, no one’s guessed Springsteen yet? My guess is Rosalita. Or Born to Run.

  20. Nagy: No on both Bruce

    Alisa: No on both Bob

    Brad: Yes

  21. Scott: More Cypress Hill than Wu-Tang.

  22. Alisa: I stand corrected. “Don’t Think Twice, It’s Alright” is on there. But a live Eric Clapton version.

  23. Lest you think I have any cool points I will prove otherwise and suggest “Gonna Fly Now” from Rocky.
    I spent several summers between college sessions living in Center City Philadelphia when Rocky 1 was a BIG hit. They also had his famous pose in bronze at the top of the Art Museum steps. And, YES, I would run along the river and near the finish of my run I would speed up to the top of the stairs past the statue. I argue I can retain ONE cool point as I did NOT do the jumping around with my arms raised.
    But that movie was a fun and motivating film for me.

  24. All of a sudden I’ve got Tom Petty’s “I Won’t Back Down” on replay in my brain. Whether or not that’s on your playlist, good luck tomorrow! Kick the ass of the half! I will most likely find myself kicking the ass of whatever cold/frosty thing meets me at the end of tomorrow afternoon’s Beerun (Bee Run?).

  25. Alisa's Iphone

    I’ve asked Alisa to step aside, while I make some educated guesses:

    Foo Fighters – Next Year
    RHCP – Higher Ground
    Oasis – Columbia
    Tom Petty – Magnolia

    I’ll take my wristband now and maybe even let Alisa wear it!!

  26. Since I only suggested “anything by Green Day”, I will guess that the song (SO many possibilities and great choices) is American Idiot.

  27. John Cage’s 4’33”?

    (My favorite is the Ukulele version: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sgtL_lNiRXs )

  28. Alisa: I’m a lot more old school than that. Though there is one Nirvana, one Pearl Jam, one Rage Against the Machine. If you want to talk about “new” folks!

    Roch: Ukulele John Cage would certainly make me run. There is no doubt about that.

  29. Actually, I was going to guess PJ – Black next, but the iPhone hijacked my computer!!!

  30. So, no Green Day (since you say you didn’t use much from the last 10-15 years)?

  31. Alisa: Yes, Black, which may be the greatest song ever written (although PJ is not in my top 25 favorite bands).

    Dawn: I let you down. Had a Green Day song on the list, but lost it when I was editing. I have 3.5 hours of music, which even at my slow pace will be too much. But just so you know, I listened to the whole American Idiot album a lot during my training!

  32. Woo hoo!!! I knew I was smarter than my iPhone! I’ll take the wrist band, if Brad hasn’t already claimed it for his very own (and if you don’t want it, of course)!!

  33. Rage—- “Renegades of Funk”?

    That is a song that makes me want to drive 110 mph when I hear it on the car radio.

    Certainly it would help you run like Achilles? 🙂

  34. ESP: I went with that old Rage standard “Wake Up.”

    Hey, do you remember in college when you were into W.A.S.P.?

  35. Congrats to John Nagy, who after about 50 guesses figured out the Bruce song: Streets of Fire.

  36. Wow. I haven’t seen this much action on a blogs since a certain John Edwards girlfriend posed with nothing but a shirt and some pearls.

    I’ll guess The Who’s “I can see for miles.”

    (And I won’t dream of taking any of your goody bag swag. 🙂

  37. “Bye, Bye, Bye Ballcrusher”

    Yes…I remember those days. I actually still have the vinyl albums…nothing to play them on, not that I would play them anyway, but I still have them. I have to tell ya Marg, everytime that I hear “Soul Man”, I think of you. I get a little misty eyed thinking about the salad days of college. 😉

  38. Does anyone have the link to the blog with John Edwards girlfriend posing with nothing but a shirt and some pearls?

  39. how about “many rivers to cross” by jimmy cliff and/or “a thousand beautiful things” by annie lennox?

  40. …and your race experience? Dying to know. I “survived” the heat and hills and finished 5 minutes slower than my first marahon. But I was extremely proud of the perseverence it took to finish.

  41. woot Margaret. saw your time on the website. you ROCKED!! nice job can’t wait to hear your report

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